Operations co-funded by the EU lead to 197 arrests in Spain

 Europol has supported the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) in 29 investigations, co-funded by EU financial mechanism. The operations, in line with EU priorities against serious and organised crime, targeted a number of criminal networks involved in drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud and corruption, among other crimes. 

The 29 criminal investigations, led by Spain and involving other EU Member States and non-EU countries, have led to the arrests of 197 suspected members of criminal organisations of 34 nationalities. As many as 33 fugitives (detected in cooperation with the European network ENFAST) and 6 high-ranked members of criminal networks were among the arrested individuals. The multiple action days led to 114 house searches and many seizures totalling at: almost 5 tonnes of cocaine, over 3 tonnes of cannabis, 1.7 tonnes of heroin, 53 kilograms of synthetic drugs, 28 firearms, 57 vehicles, over EUR 4 million in cash, properties with an estimated value of about EUR 12 million, and close to EUR 10 million in frozen bank accounts.

The investigations, co-funded by EU financial mechanism and supported by Europol, targeted criminal networks posing a serious threat to the safety and security of citizens across all EU Member States. The operations specifically targeted large criminal networks that represent a serious threat to EU security, such as those that use corruption and violence (often with firearms) and have the capacity to import large amounts of drugs. Europol facilitated the exchange of information between police agencies and provided operational coordination and analytical support, including in the field during action days.

Funding through EU financial mechanisms

Officers from the Spanish National Police, supported by Europol, carried out these joint operations in partnership with other EU Member States and non-EU countries, and in line with the EU Security Union Strategy. Within the focus of the EU Security Union Strategy are four main points: a future-proof security environment, tackling evolving threats, protecting Europeans from terrorism and organised crime and a strong European security ecosystem. To reach these goals, EU agencies and dedicated EU findings support EU Member States to tackle significant criminal threats through coordinated operational actions targeting criminal networks and their business models. The actions conducted within this framework have received co-financing from the European Union as part of the support provided to EU Member States in combating criminal networks posing the most significant threats to the safety and security of EU citizens and the EU as a whole. 

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